Ignite: Dancing in my Imaginative Space

Dancing in My Imaginative Space is a project designed to empower young people through the creation of a personalized inner space, a concept that evolved from the reality of Hong Kong’s cramped living spaces.

Creating an inner space involves imagining a safe, free, and personal space that each of us can retreat to when the world feels too cruel, too crowded, too exhausting or simply too much. By creating an inner space, the young participants learned that no matter what situation they find themselves in they have a place that is uniquely theirs, where no one can intrude or disturb them without permission.

At the end of the project there was a surprise party viewing of a video created by artist Sebastian Fuenzalida Margaño that captured the personalities and youthful innocence of the participants. There was also a beautiful dance performance created and performed by the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation youth dancers inspired by The Hub participants’ inner spaces.


項目藝術家 Project Artists:
廖碧璇 Giselle Liu(舞蹈 Dance)
Damon Lam(視覺藝術 Visual Arts)
Rahel Lam(視覺藝術 Visual Arts)

攝影師 Videographer:
Sebastian Fuenzalida Margaño

The Hub Hong Kong 年輕參加者
Youth Participants from The HUB Hong Kong:

孔佩汝 Agnes Hung
鄭飛揚 Angel Chang
薜安琪 Angel Sit
吳巴 Barry Ng
謝斯羽 Chloe Tse
周巧嵐 Coco Chow
鍾欣蓉 Helen Chung
鍾超明 Matthew Chung
李文俊 Sunny Lee
李慧儀 Vicky Lee

Youth Dancers from Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation:

林詠婷 Christine Lam
麥芊芊 Gin Gin Mak
劉恩彤 Kyna Lau
黃家琪 Phoebe Wong
劉泓晞 Rachel Lau
李恩婷 Rachel Li
Sienna Gray
Sophie Shannon
Hope Patterson
Katherine Lam


主辦機構 Project Organiser:
香港青年藝術協會 Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation

捐助機構 Funded by :
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

合作夥伴 Project Collaborator :
香港樂童行 The HUB Hong Kong