About Giselle

MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, (Simon Fraser University)
BA (Dance), University Of Calgary

With a choreographic and movement career spanning internationally nearly two decades, Giselle Liu’s work has taken her to Hong Kong, China, UK, Europe and Australia.  

Liu attend the MFA program at SFU to research perception and embodied seeing through a non-typical lens. The research has shifted her practice allowing her to evolve her interdisciplinary vision as a choreographer and movement facilitator.  Her insight and exploration as a choreographer has spanned from bodies to/with: space and architecture, film, sound, and new technology as a way to experience movement to uncover the veils of the ‘in-between’ and interconnections within our inner and outer worlds.

Her aesthetic is enhanced by a distinct language of movement as she explores the multidimensional nature and interconnected relationship within the physical and the energetic body, the form and the formless, and the visible and the visibly hidden.

Giselle Liu is the 2021 recipient of the Scholarship Award from the BC Arts Council.

“Dance to live. Live to inspire.”
Giselle Liu