Mother: Sound/ Body

Technical Director and Sound Scapes: Jon Russell

Artistic Director: Shelby Richardson

Choreographers: Giselle Liu, Shelby Richardson, Ashley Burmaster

Dancers: Ashley Burmaster, Laura Buchanan, Shayla Dyble, Kendra Hamelin, Sara McGowan, Grace Perry, Sloane Zogas

A collaborative digital performance featuring the work of Giselle Liu, Shelby Richardson, Ashley Burmaster and Jon Russell.

The project explores the digital self through sound and light body mapping. We use sensor technology and projection technology to challenge the traditional performance space, pivoting our material into the digital realm.

Presenting June 15th 21 @ 7pm
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Our Eyes Will Adjust

Project Lead: Giselle Liu
Composer: Charlie Cooper
Film Videographer: Madeline Peacock
Indigenous Studies Advisor: Tina Robinson
Production Team: Megan Lane and June Hsu
Lighting and Projection Design: Jack Chipman
Technical Support: Steven Kobza
Live Videographer/Photographer: Sydney Bunning

“Our Eyes Will Adjust” is an immersive experiential live performance.  Including dance, film, new technologies, and live streaming.  The set design will transform into an installation for the audience to expand their embodied perception as the observer and the experiencer. Presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Degree of Master of Fine Arts in the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University.  

Presenting August 27th-29th 21

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