Giselle Liu is a facilitator, choreographer and an artist, who is passionate about sharing dance as a visionary.  Currently, Liu is co-choreographing for “an original creation & collaboration between ‘HKYAF and Cirque du Soleil composer duo Violaine Corradi and Rose Winebrenner,” they will debut in April 2017. Check out the pages to find out more and get in touch!

“After years of witnessing how art transforms people, be it at an elitist level of professional mastery or in creating a space in which communities can be built with a sense of belonging and love, I believe that art interacts as a platform in which people can experience and share life, encouraging a multifarious force of belonging.  Dance is one the most powerful and honest routes to the soul, be it in conquering physical boundaries or mental stones, dance allows all people to build bridges from those stones instead of walls.  I believe in a work ethic towards mastery of technical practice as well as yourself. Greatness is the ability to strengthen the mind, body and heart and to serve a greater platform beyond self.”

~Giselle Liu~