Giselle Liu – Movement Poetograher

Giselle Liu is a visionary, choreographer and facilitator, who is passionate about unfolding stories and uncovering veils of the human heart in the sacred space of dance, movement design and collaborative arts.

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“After years of witnessing the transcendence of art,  I believe that art interacts as a platform in which people can experience and share life together with a deepened sense of belonging.  Dance is one the most powerful and honest routes to the soul that embodies and informs us of triunity – the body, mind, and spirit.  Movement is found in every breath and necessary for uncovering the veils to our soul.  I believe that mastery of the Self is the ability to be liberated in freedom while walking your path with a disciplined focus.  Greatness is the ability to unify the mind, body and spirit to serve the purpose beyond self.”

~Giselle Liu~